Competitive Advantages


New economically exploitable sources of potash are limited and there are substantial financial barriers for entry into the business. MagMinerals expects to be a low cost producer supplying various key markets in the southern hemisphere. The Mengo Potash project has several competitive advantages.

  • Significant Long-Life Reserves: Proven and probable reserves of 33.5 million tonnes of KCI, which supports 28 years of production at a rate of 600,000 tonnes for the first two years and 1.2MM tonnes for the remaining 26 years.
  • Low-Cost Production Inputs: Close to low-cost and readily available natural gas. This is a key input for potash production. Also, the Mengo potash facility will utilize proven solution mining technologies that are between 25% and 40% less expensive than traditional underground techniques.
  • Proximity to Shipping Port and Growing Agriculture Markets: Importantly, our MagMinerals’ facility is within 20 kilometers of the deep-water Atlantic port of Pointe-Noire and generates significant cost advantages and ready access to key markets in South America, Africa, South Asia and Europe.