Growing to feed the global demand for fertilizer


MagMinerals owns exclusive rights to the Kouilou Potash Project, one of the world’s largest Greenfield potash deposits. With long-term production plans, MagMinerals can achieve an effective and continuous production of potash for decades. The planned construction and commissioning of a 1,2 million tonnes per year potash plant will produce high quality agricultural-grade potash fertilizers to meet the growing demand from world markets, principally in regions such as South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.


Once operational, the potash plant is expected to be the world’s first new entrant into an industry which has little new supply to the export market from other producers over the next five years as forecasted by Fertecon (a provider of market information and analysis on fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials). With the industry’s high barriers to entry, and our distinct competitive advantages, MagMinerals expects to become a successful potash producer which should benefit our shareholders in the coming years.

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