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MagForestry wholly owns and operates Eucalyptus Fibre Congo (EFC), a sustainable, renewable forestry business based in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo. EFC acquired the exclusive rights to manage this 68,000 hectare concession in 2005. The concession, which expires in 2075, is based on the planting and harvesting (after 7 years) of fast growing clones of eucalyptus hardwoods. A significant part of the concession is overlain by mining and mineral exploration permits granted to MagForestry’s sister company MagMinerals. The EFC plantation supplies a recently commissioned state-of-the-art 500,000 tonne per year wood chip plant built by EFC on its concession lands within the port of Pointe Noire.


Major Investments

The company is now in full commercial operation after commissioning the chip mill in 2008. In 2009 EFC has achieved improvements in harvesting and chip mill through-put which it expects to continue through the year. Significant efforts have been made to upgrade harvesting equipment and facilities, as well as workforce training, health and safety. The intention is to safely increase forest harvesting volumes and expand the use of local contractors.

Some specific areas of investment include tree harvesting, de-barking, and log transportation equipment in addition to a substantial upgrade of the nursery operation to support re-planting. The US $ 35.7 million chip mill construction was approved by MagForestry in 2006 to benefit from the value added step of selling wood chips instead of pulp-logs.

Largest non-government employer in ROC

With the activation of the forestry business MagIndustries has also emerged as Republic of Congo’s largest non-government employer, with approximately 300 direct employees and up to 1500 workers under contract. With this prominence MagIndustries has been recognized in the ROC as a major engine for economic growth and as a responsible, socially engaged corporate citizen.


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