Corporate Governance

MagIndustries is committed to high standards of Corporate Governance, accountability and responsibility. Issues associated with corporate responsibility include:


            Human Rights


            Bribery and Corruption


            Financial Disclosure


The goal of the Company is to achieve the highest possible business standards and personal ethics as well as to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to our businesses. MagIndustries has developed a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to ensure that all directors, officers and employees of the Company understand the importance placed on ethical conduct and recognize that it forms an important part of the company’s traits and external business practice.


MagIndustries has contracted Whistleblowers Securities Inc. ( to act as a confidential third party avenue for anonymous reporting of unethical or potentially illegal activities.


All employees and contractors will be required to abide by these policies.


MagIndustries' Board of Directors considers, on an on-going basis, the management of environmental and health and safety issues within all of its business units.