“Mag Style” 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration


Reporters: Shiqi ZHANG, Qibo ZHAO


Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals. With the Year of the Snake approaching its end, employees in Toronto, Beijing, and Pointe Noire celebrated the coming of the Year of the Horse in their own ways.


In the Toronto headquarters, employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds were no strangers to the Chinese New Year. This year, the Toronto Office enjoyed a delicious traditional Chinese dish - handmade dumplings - cooked to order from Chinatown.


On the other side of the globe, more than 40 employees from the Beijing Office gathered at an annual dinner to celebrate the Spring Festival. At the dinner, CEO Longbo Chen summarized the highlights over the past year and expressed his expectations of sustained high performance in the future. Employees toasted to each other and shared a delectable meal. Later, outstanding employees - Lianfeng Zhao, Shally Yan, and Haitao Zhang - received recognition for their exceptional contribution, so did Shiqi Zhang, Qichen Zhou, and Changrui Han, for their volunteering to teach French to other colleagues. With a series of fun-filled activities, the evening ended on a high note and created many good memories.


In the Republic of Congo, expats at Mag subsidiaries MPC, EFC, and PdC spent the Chinese New Year at the Great Wall Restaurant in Pointe Noire. They celebrated the unfolding year over a generous dinner while watching the New Year’s Gala hosted by China Central Television, a long-held tradition among the Chinese. For some people, it was their first Chinese New Year in Africa; for others, it was their third year already. Despite being geographically separated from their families, our expats felt palpable festivity in the air at their home away from home.


Counting down to zero, we entered the brand new Year of the Horse. Celebrations in Canada, China, and Congo have further nurtured friendship among employees and reinforced cohesiveness of the “Mag family.”