Office Open Day: A Charity Event in Collaboration with Bethel China


Reporter: Shiqi ZHANG | Photos: Xulei ZHANG


On Nov. 15, 2013, the Beijing Office welcomed a group of special guests consisting of ten children from Bethel China, a non-profit organization founded by a French couple in 2003, with the mission to help visually challenged children by providing them with a home with life care, medical rehabilitation, and special education.


To organize a successful office visit for our special guests, the Beijing Office had thoroughly prepared in advance. Some employees volunteered to become “Big Buddies” and received prior training to better prepare for the Open Day. On the day of the event, employees warmly welcomed children from Bethel. Ranging from 6-13 years of age, they all have varying degrees of visual impairment. Paired up with their respective “Big Buddies,” the children were guided to the employee cafeteria where they enjoyed a delicious lunch. Following lunch was an office visit during which the children gained direct understanding of the work environment. Later, students from China Conservatory of Music offered a mini-concert to the children from Bethel. Not only did our guests listen to the wonderful sounds of music, they also touched ship models and rock samples as our employee representative explained basic geology. At the end, the children from Bethel performed a chorus in English and a Chinese erhu solo.


The Office Open Day reminded us that a group of special children in society need our care and attention. We hope that through joint community efforts, visually challenged children can grow up with dignity, achieve their self-worth, and live a fulfilling life.



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